peshos poll

peshos poll is a simple yet powerful SharePoint 2013 application that allows you to create and configure polls. It was developed using the latest HTML5 standards and does not need any special permissions to run in your environment.


In the design tab of the app page you can change various elements of the chart displaying the total votes. These also vary depending on the chart type you have chosen. The resulting chart is build using the HTML5 canvas element and does not need any external internet connection.
Any changes are updated immediately in the chart on the page. Please note that changing the chart type will reset it's current settings as the definition need to be updated.

design screen


In the configuration tab of the app page you can configure the title, description, questions and other runtime settings for the poll. The width and height are used in the app part during runtime.

configuration screen

preview and save

In the preview and save tab of the app page you can see the final result, save the configuration and design, export the current data, and clear existing votes. Once happy with the results you can close the app page and return to your SharePoint environment.

preview and save screen


peshos limited does not collect or share personal information. As simple as that. Unless explicitly specified, all products use the features of the products themselves.


Get it from the store here or look for key WA104379115.